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DRIVE ON: Magnus Walker – The Urban Outlaw

Magnus Walker is anything but usual: fashion designer, car collector, Porsche 911 tuning icon, Grand Theft Auto character, even cooking and sewing instagrammer – there’s just no way of categorising the Urban Outlaw. Above all, however, he enjoys the good life, his partner Hannah, his dog Willow – and getting quality drives in his cars. Tune in as Magnus describes what drives him in life, and explains why BEV can be quite electrifying, indeed.


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Spotlight On Tim Lappen

Tim Lappen discovered his passion for cars at an early age. Using his high school journalism pass, car dealers allowed him to take cars off of their lot for a few hours and Tim would write about them for his school’s paper. Tim continues to write about cars as Fine Autos Editor for Haute Living, Haute Time, Haute Residence & Haute Auto.

Collier AutoMedia, December 16, 2019.