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Ferrari F8 Tributo

Front view

Change seems to come quicker each year. That’s certainly true in the automotive world, where a new model used to stay “current” for several years and then maybe have a facelift or nip-and-tuck to stay au courant. However, many of today’s high-end ateliers have found great success in creating variants on their cars so the days of knowing what make and model of car was simply by a quick glance have faded into the past. So it should come as no surprise that, hot on the heels of the Ferrari Portofino, the 488GTB and the 488 Pista is yet another new V8 Ferrari, the F8 Tributo. And even now, ahead of it’s unveiling at the Geneva International Motor Show, we know two things – it’s gorgeous (no surprise there); and it’s fast (okay, no surprise there, either).


The name comes from the fact that the Tributo is an homage to Ferrari’s powerplant, “the most-powerful V8 in Prancing Horse history for a non-special series car”. Translation: about 710 turbo-boosted horsepower with some 567 pounds of twist in a mid-rear engine configuration will make for what Ferrari proclaims (in what likely will be a very serious understatement) the “epitome of sportiness and driving pleasure”. Compared to it’s 488GTB predecessor, the two-seater Tributo has more power, less weight and better aerodynamics. Did I mention that 0-60 is under three seconds? It takes longer to read that statistic than to achieve it!

Back view

Watch for the Ferrari V8 Tributo on a street near you, especially if you live in a town where Haute Living is available.

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