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Lexus LC 500

Photo Credit: Lexus

An LFA In LC Clothing

LFA – those three letters cause auto cognoscenti’s eyes to light up, with dreams of a high-output V-10 redlining at 9,000 RPM (and the fuel cutoff didn’t interrupt the banshees till 9,500), superb handling and incredible sound. Lexus’ first full-on race car for the street, built between 2010 and 2012, tipped the scales at about 3,200 pounds and tipped the wallet at close to $400,000. It was a wonderful car to drive, so I am told — the closest I got to the driver’s seat was a high-speed hot-lap in 2012 around the Long Beach Grand Prix circuit, with pilot Scott Pruett as my wheelman. Now THAT’S a chauffeur!

Photo Credit: Lexus

So when I had the opportunity to enjoy an “Infrared” LC 500 for a week when the car first came out, I jumped at the chance. I could tell from the stats that it would be a thrill and I was right: horses – 471; 0-60 4.4 seconds; and top speed 168MPH. This clearly was not my father’s first Lexus (LS400) or even Dad’s second Lexus (GS400). In fact, the LC is a different breed altogether from the family sedans first produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s. If anything, the LC (“Luxury Coupe”) shares its DNA with the LFA.

Photo Credit: Lexus

The LC comes in two flavors – V-8 and hybrid. Those interested in the hybrid can look elsewhere as I was focused on the V-8, though the hybrid does produce some respectable numbers, too – 354 horsepower (total of gas and electric) and 0-60 in 4.7 seconds while delivering 35MPG highway. The hybrid’s base price is about $96,500.

Photo Credit: Lexus

As these photos illustrate, the car is designed to look like it performs, as a supercar with a snarling spindle grille — there’s no mistaking this car when it’s coming at you. With the great exhaust report, luxurious interior, terrific sound system and exotic looks, the LC 500 is a car built for enjoyment. And at the same time, the base price of $92,000 compares very well to its competition.

Photo Credit: Lexus

I really enjoyed my time with this four-seater coupe. It’s fast, agile, comfortable, responsive, elegant and just flat-out fun. As the Lexus gift to us in honor of its impending 30th anniversary, I say a resounding “thank you!”

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